Monique van Iwaarde 
Natuurdiëtist & Orthomoleculair therapeut


De doses nicotine in een enkele sigaret blokkeert de oestrogeenproductie in de hersenen van vrouwen

Lead researcher, Associate Professor Erika Comasco (Uppsala University, Sweden) said:

“For the first time, we can see that nicotine works to shuts down the estrogen production mechanism in the brain of women. We were surprised to see that this effect could be seen even with a single dose of nicotine, equivalent to just one cigarette, showing how powerful the effects of smoking are on a woman’s brain. This is a newly-discovered effect, and it’s still preliminary work. We’re still not sure what the behavioural or cognitive outcomes are; only that nicotine acts on this area of the brain, however we note that the affected brain system is a target for addictive drugs, such as nicotine”.

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